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Rochelle LeGrandsawyer is an actor, model, dancer, and writer.

As an actor, she brings to life roles that feature strong, dynamic, intelligent women. In her commercial work, she has represented a wide range of clients—from boutique luxury labels to nationally-recognized brands, including Apple, Square, and Samsung.

Her lifelong passion as a dancer spans over ten styles, bringing power and physicality to her performances both on stage and on screen.

Rochelle writes on topics of art, culture, and design. She holds an MA in Art History from UCLA, with specialization in contemporary art. Her writing and research have been featured in numerous museum catalogues, award-winning exhibitions, and the Oxford University Press’ Grove Encyclopedia of American Art.

She lives in San Francisco and Los Angeles, where she enjoys exploring the cities’ perpetual flow of inspiration, creativity, and amazing food. When she’s not working, she loves to relax at home with her cat, a cup of tea, and a delightful soundtrack of bass-heavy hiphop music.